Bet on National cup matches

Most of the bettors usually don’t like betting on the first round matches from the various national cups, because often in these matches quite surprising results occur. For example, in England it is quite common to see how a Second Division team defeats a team from the Premier League. This happens at least two or three times every season.

Another reason for the lack of interest in national cup matches is the fact that punters are unable to make a precise and clear comparison of the strength of the teams. You know it is very rare to see Brendford in a match against Chelsea for example. After all, for a good betting prediction you need information and in such matches it is scarce.

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The reason many class teams to lose from their weaker opponents is the busy schedule. In order to keep their team, the coaches are forced to put in play some of their reserves and sometimes even youth players. This equalizes the strengths, leading sometimes to surprises. Accordingly, the people from the betting houses are aware of this and often you can see a very strong team playing with much weaker one with the odds of winning 1.7 or even more.

Bettors tend to avoid those games and rightly so as there are much safer betting options for bets with such odds. However, I’m specialized in a slightly modified way of picking the cup matches that have hardly been wrong so far.

These are matches where the above conditions exist, but with one small addition. I am looking for teams from the first divisions which are in a crisis. It is great if there are a couple of consecutive games without a win or all of them are losses. The pressure on the team would be great, but even greater on the manager who can feel his dismissal coming with each new loss.

A manager like that will hardly afford to come up with a reserve team in any match and right here is the difference between expectations of the betting houses and their odds and the actual chances. On these conditions the betting houses allow me to bet for a victory with odds of 1.7, which actually should be not more than 1.2.

Make your own betting research and I am sure very soon you will start searching for such matches too. This is a betting profit that can’t be missed.