My NBA betting system

Read the next few lines carefully because they are really interesting and can help you with your betting. This betting system I am talking about is based on the matches from NBA, but the league is chosen only because every team there plays 82 matches during the regular season. You can choose any other tournament or sport that offers the right betting options for under and over.

I chose basketball to present you this betting method because under/over options are understandable. What do you need to start? You have to carefully record the outcome of matches for under and over for each team in the NBA. When you pass the first six matches you should have something like this – LA Lakers U U U O U.

nba betting

You should have such records for each team in NBA. It is most suitable for this purpose to use excel sheets. When you have finished this database, you just turn the results for the next 5 games. So, if you had LA Lakers U U U O U, it would be LA Lakers O O O U O. This would be your next 5 bets on Martingale betting system.

If your goal is to win 1 pound with one successful bet you must start with 1.1 per bet. 2.31 pounds for the second one if the first one is unsuccessful. The third must be 4.85 pounds and the fourth is 10:18. The last level or the fifth bet would be 21.36 pounds. If you lose all five you would have bet a total of just under 40 pounds.

Simple arithmetic shows that you have a 3% chance to reach five consecutive losses or on every hundred bets you will lose three and win 97. Simple arithmetic shows that you would have gained 97 pounds, but you would lose 119 or you would have 22 pounds loss.

However, this is not exactly true. Especially for under/over betting the bookies set such limits that allow a team to reach a long series of unders or just overs. This is exactly the point which you can use to make this system work.

Of course, there is risk, but ultimately it’s a pretty decent betting method for achieving profit of 20 or 30 percent from your initial bank. When you reach these 20% you are looking for – stop betting. You don’t want to push your luck too hard, right?

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Bet on National cup matches

Most of the bettors usually don’t like betting on the first round matches from the various national cups, because often in these matches quite surprising results occur. For example, in England it is quite common to see how a Second Division team defeats a team from the Premier League. This happens at least two or three times every season.

Another reason for the lack of interest in national cup matches is the fact that punters are unable to make a precise and clear comparison of the strength of the teams. You know it is very rare to see Brendford in a match against Chelsea for example. After all, for a good betting prediction you need information and in such matches it is scarce.

fa cup betting

The reason many class teams to lose from their weaker opponents is the busy schedule. In order to keep their team, the coaches are forced to put in play some of their reserves and sometimes even youth players. This equalizes the strengths, leading sometimes to surprises. Accordingly, the people from the betting houses are aware of this and often you can see a very strong team playing with much weaker one with the odds of winning 1.7 or even more.

Bettors tend to avoid those games and rightly so as there are much safer betting options for bets with such odds. However, I’m specialized in a slightly modified way of picking the cup matches that have hardly been wrong so far.

These are matches where the above conditions exist, but with one small addition. I am looking for teams from the first divisions which are in a crisis. It is great if there are a couple of consecutive games without a win or all of them are losses. The pressure on the team would be great, but even greater on the manager who can feel his dismissal coming with each new loss.

A manager like that will hardly afford to come up with a reserve team in any match and right here is the difference between expectations of the betting houses and their odds and the actual chances. On these conditions the betting houses allow me to bet for a victory with odds of 1.7, which actually should be not more than 1.2.

Make your own betting research and I am sure very soon you will start searching for such matches too. This is a betting profit that can’t be missed.

My prediction for Liverpool vs Manchester United

Brandon Rogers’ Liverpool presents more than badly in the English Premier League and on Sunday they will have a derby match against Manchester United at Anfield. It is hardly possible to find better preconditions for the Swiss Young Boys, who will welcome the glorious English team in a match from the first round of the group stage of Europa League.

However, there is a big if. The English clubs generally don’t give so much importance to the second-highest tournament in Europe, but especially in this game Liverpool’s manager Brendan Rodgers is well aware of how much he needs a win. He needs it to raise the team morale.

Actually Liverpool didn’t play bad in the last few matches, but they were just too toothless in attack and that is the problem. Curiously both times that Liverpool lost – from Arsenal and WBA, the team played really poorly. However, both times when they drew against the English champion Manchester City and Sunderland, Liverpool played excellently, but failed to take the three points.

liverpool manchester united betting prediction

Young Boys presents normally in the Swiss league. Currently the team is on the fifth place in the standings with three wins, three draws and two losses. I have no direct observations of the games of the team, but I’m sure the class of the players of the Swiss team is far from the level of their opponents in this match.

The betting houses don’t think so and offer relatively high rates for a victory for both teams. The odds for a win for Liverpool are 2.62 against 2.75 for the home team. The draw is estimated at 3.2. The only explanation I have for these very high odds is the expectation of the betting houses the favourite in this match Liverpool to underestimate the match because of the low importance of the Europa League compared to the Premier League and the upcoming tough match against Manchester United.

However, I believe this is not a factor now, as Brendan Rodgers needs to win to strengthen the team and raise the confidence of the players. I think he will make the necessary Liverpool to play with maximum force.

Therefore I bet for a win for the English team in this match, but I secured the bet with a draw no bet option which gives me odds of 1.83.